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Laura BoydLaura Boyd


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Please go to Artist’s Statement.  Having shown at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London, I have also shown at many mixed and solo exhibitions both in the UK and abroad. My etchings are sold internationally – mostly in the USA South Africa and Australia. My paintings are inspired by many of the flowers in my garden that grow wild and are cultivated. I paint with a free form echoing the organic qualities of plants and flowers. The translucency of watercolour allows me to explore the complex effects of light playing on the delicate structure of plantlife.

I have painted many Devon landscapes recently as well as Tuscany landscapes -also Long Island ,New York .I paint in oils on canvas as well as ink and watercolour on paper. I try to get the paint flowing freely to begin with then go in with more solid paint to gradually bring out the image I wish to create. I want to create a mood - not too much detail. I see the process as more like writing a poem than a piece of long, boring prose. Ther has to be enough to keep the viewer's interest ,however -an image which will remain interesting after a long time.


1959Born Hertfordshire
Harrow School of Art

Exhibition History

August 4th,5th 2007Luxtons Yard,Tip Hill Ottery St Mary. Impressions of a walk at Ottery St Mary by nine artists